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::Untitled interlude::
by Karlof VonMandrake (vonmandrake)
at April 1st, 2006 (12:04 am)

Karl smiled as he watched Kristina speak to her friends on the newly repaired commlink. It was hope he saw in her eyes, but more importantly, he heard it in her voice. Her words had a genuine ring to them that was far more effective than any carefully crafted words he could have chosen. As much as he had studied the students of the Saint Joeseph school, he was still an outsider to most of them. He knew that gaining their trust would take tremendous effort and actions that were possibly beyond him. But it was that knowledge that allowed him to get as far as he did.

It was a shame, though, that his technical skills were not all that good. The static and interference that must have been coming over the line must have been tremendous, allowing only so much to be heard by both ends. In fact, he was glad that it had been Sara that had rigged the communicator up to do that, and not himself. Karl would have probably been unable to rig the sophisticated electronics as well as she had, and he knew that he would have never have thought of installing the remote device that would trigger a critical failure when he chose the moment.

"....it's in Cap au Diable, on the South-Easter-- OW!"

Right as Karlof pressed the small hidden button on his belt, an overload in the power source fried the seemingly damaged communicator's sound systems.

"Kristina, are you all right?"