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Jaygo's bit or Stasi's lead up to it
by stasiskiss (stasiskiss)
at March 25th, 2006 (12:04 pm)

The far wall is the wrong color and her neck hurts.

She blinks at it. No, it doesn't change to the color it's supposed to be, remaining this odd green shade when it really ought to be some tilted color of blue. The angle of the light on it is wrong as well, coming from behind instead of streaming into her eyes. Did she fall asleep on the couch again or something?

Under her cheek, something shifts and an arm tightens around her shoulders.

She sits up slowly, untangling herself with infinite care.

Jai is still sleeping. He's half braced against the arm of the couch, his face turned away so that all she can see is the curve of jaw and his hair, wild and messy. His shirt is rumpled, pulling away from the waistband of his jeans. She can even see the impression where her cheek was resting on his chest.

He must have held her all night.

The television is blank static now, the only noise in this alien space.

As carefully as moonrise she stands, her armor creaking faintly. It seems a miracle but Jai doesn't stir, his hand lax now in his lap where it's fallen away. The empty bottle of rum is still standing on the floor.

She swallows, tasting faint bile. So much care and she deserves none of it. When is he going to see that she doesn't deserve it?

She feels pulled tightly enough to break, exhausted from days of grief. Nothing will be right, ever again. Her eyes burn but she can't cry anymore. She's cried enough to drown rivers.

She walks to the window, holding her elbows. Under her empty gaze the dawn creeps over the walls, touching things with tentative fingers. She remembers dew on her armor not so long ago, waking up to find herself alone in the center of a battlefield. Her eyes track a shadow, motion picking itself out of the morning haze.

Arcing over the wall a graceful form lands in the courtyard, going down to one knee with the kinetic force. He's wearing civilian clothes, something strung over his shoulder; a backpack maybe or weapon. He stands after a moment and starts to walk purposefully away.

The light changes, his profile facing the dorms. She is suddenly awake as ice crystallizes in her blood.


Her mouth is dry, her heart hammers. Jaygo.

The crucifix rises in her eyes, stained and red. He is the one. He could have prevented everything. He was the one that killed Lycia, that let Solomon take her, break her, destroy her. Jaygo is the one who betrayed them all.

She is across the room in a soundless rush. She doesn't even look at the sleeping boy.

She knows where he's going, although she couldn't say how. She runs down the hallway even as the ice wind starts to trail across her shoulders, down her arms. It is early enough but the dorms are never empty; eyes track her as she runs. Some are even close enough to know which room she came from. Not that it would matter if she understood. She is down the wide stairs and out the doors into the cool morning without breaking stride.

Swiftly then, across the green space. Her heart is pounding with something like fear, something like exultation.

He is the one. He is the one that needs to pay.

She knows where he is going. Her thighs tense, coil, and the top of the wall is under her feet. She springs and twists, landing in front of him without a word. She rises into a crouch even as her fists tighten, as demon light begins to grow between her fingers.

His green eyes are hooded, empty. She looks at him and feels nothing. For once she feels nothing at all. He adjusts the strap at his shoulder and frowns with all his old arrogance.

"I don't have time for this."