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Through the Portal
by Karlof VonMandrake (vonmandrake)
at March 26th, 2006 (06:04 pm)

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The portals that DJ Zero created felt... strange. Many heroes in Paragon City could teleport; it was a feeling you started getting used to by the time your certification for Security Level 15 came around. No, teleportation was almost like a quick breeze and a flash. You were one place, then you were standing some place else. It wasn't like that with DJ Zero.

In the period between walking through the portal from Pocket D and walking out of whatever door served the purposes of the interdimensional Rick Blaine, there was a span of time that you almost became aware of the dimesional space or whatever it was that DJ Zero manipulated to create his haven. No details, just an impression of something more immense than most could hope to understand.

However, that was not the foremost thought on the mind of the students of the Saint Joeseph School as they found themselves all walking out of a door into some sort of underground parking area.

"Where are we?"

Three simple words. Three words that were on the minds of everyone in the group. Three words that had been said by Rooster before anyone else could say them. Stasis looked around at the rest of the group, assembled in the middle of the street of an island nation controlled by possibly one of the most dangerous individuals on the face of the planet. Where were they? They were in trouble, that's probably where they were.

Arrow Wraith looked down at the GPS tracker he had brought along, and tapped a few buttons. "According to this, we are in the Etoile Islands."

Stasis immediatly spun on her heel to see what it was that Wraith was talking about. "Wait, wait; we were supposed to go to the Rogue Isles! Where did you say we were?"

Looking up, Wraith quirked an eyebrow. "Actually, the Etoile Islands are the Rogue Isles. Rogue Isles is more of a nickname than an offical name for the country."

Barrier snorted as she looked up and down the street. "Country? This place can't be bigger than Paragon by far, and it calls itself a Country? I still don't get why this place gets to stay standing. I mean, look!"

What Barrier was refering to was a man in a stylized military uniform and polished black boots walking down the street across from them. "That's General Havik! I remember when he was arrested two years ago after trying take over Maine! Who knows what other scum are calling this place home now!"


Karl watched as Kristina curled up into a sleeping bag in the other chamber. She had been tired quite a bit by the run from Port Oaks to Cap Au Diable. But now, she was safe until her friends would be able to come for her.

Which brought Karl to the main chamber. It was here that he had set up a few items that would help him in the next few hours, including his most prized magical artifact: the Mirrored Eye. It was a scrying bowl of great power, and Karl was proud of the fact that he had it not because of it being a gift from his family, but because he had both the strength and cunning to take it from the Legacy Chain that had been holding it.

As he approached the bowl, he saw the waters in it begin to glow of it's own volition.

"Hey, Karlof VonMandrake, come on down! I got somethig I wanna discuss with you!"

Coming over to the bowl, Karl was not feeling quite amused. Whoever was speaking was doing so through a number of wards, into an artifact that nobody should have know he had...

It was, however, the perpetually smiling face of DJ Zero that looked back up at him through the magically imbued waters. "There you are! I love what you've got going here, it's very 'sorcerer chic'!"

"Zero? Why do you seek me out? If it is another problem with that bothersome pixie, I'm quite sorry to say..."

"No, no, no, VonMandrake! He hasn't bothered me for weeks, but you did a real great job keeping him away when I asked you to! And I was thinking, what could I do for you?"

Sighing, Karl looked back at the face of DJ Zero. He had no idea how this transdimensional troubadour kept his attention, but his patience was quickly running out. "I assure you, the use of your bar services when I have been entertaining has been quite sufficient."

Smiling back at Karl, DJ Zero said, "So, I shouldn't bother telling you how the rescue party for a Ms. Kristina O'Sullivan will be entering the Rogue Isles?"


Posted by: stasiskiss (stasiskiss)
Posted at: March 27th, 2006 12:42 am (UTC)

...and we are good for loops.

i told you the heroes were going to kick your ass.

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